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    In my future plans for a new ukulele I've had my eye on an ovation one. They have 4 options on this page.

    I'm just confused about the naming. What would you call the last one pictured?

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    it appears to be the UAE148-4 Tenor Applause Acoustic-Electric Ukulele with Cutaway Natural... The i have the soprano in red and black and i really don't like all as soon as i got it i was ready for a new one...i've heard the tenors and they arn't terrible...but the sopranos really arn't great. It has some issues with being intune up the neck, it really is very quiet and tinny, and the electronics aren't all that great, and there was alot of problems with buzzing as it wasn't set up at all. I know some people that were fairly happy with theirs, but...Since i got my mainland and other better ukes (which are basically the same price, just not electric, which is not really that much to add) i almost never touch my ovation... If you have anymore questions about it just PM me

    here is mine

    compared to what i play now...
    From smallest to largest. Kala Pocket Mahogany- Ohana SK-21- Kala Travel Uke- Hilo soprano (my first!)- Kamaka 1960's Soprano- Ovation Soprano- Bruko Concert- Mainland Mahogany Concert- Lanikai Banjolele Concert- Lanikai 08E- Mainland Mahogany Tenor- Savannah crappy (but loved) baritone

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