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Thread: Any luthiers build/interested in building a tahitian ukulele?

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    Default Any luthiers build/interested in building a tahitian ukulele?

    A few years ago I went to a festival where they were playing a Tahitian ukulele. It was pretty fascinating. I was interested in getting one then, but my love for the traditional Hawaiian ukulele led me to acquire those instead. Recently, I saw a post in the Marketplace for a Tahitian ukulele and it got me wondering again. My question is, has anyone/does anyone build those aside from the traditional Hawaiian ones?

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    The Tahitian 'ukulele is carved from a single piece of wood so is more a wood carvers art than a luthier. I grew up with a Tahitian friend and later on in his life he starting carving these. As you know thew are more like a banjo with separate sound board which in older times was made from the belly skin of a shark but nowadays thin laminate is used. Here's a couple.
    Illegitimus Non Carborundum

    I ʻike lākou, ʻo ʻoe, ka mea wale nō nona ka inoa ʻo IĒHOVA;
    ʻO ʻoe nō ka Mea kiʻekiʻe loa ma luna o ka honua a pau.
    Nā Halelū 83:18

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    Very Very cool... for TBUG info for my videos
    and for my Drawing the Wrong Conclusions Podcast

    That Guy 1:94

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    I remember reading a blog where a guy made his own. It seemed quite a bit easier than making a regular ukulele. He used several pieces of wood glued together for the body.

    Here is the blog:

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