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    I hope you guys aren't all trolls who just made this site to make fun of me.
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    I am recently new to ukes, but grew up playing guitar. I'm a lefty, however, I learned to play right-handed which is quite comfortable for me.
    I am in the market for a uke, which is what brought me here. I am somewhat overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. I really wish I could have afforded to purchase a uke while visiting the islands. I would have loved to have one from a Hawaiian manufacturer.
    I starting to get an idea of what I want in a uke, so now it's just a matter of research, prayer, and the wisdom to make the right choice for my musical need.

    Mahalo for being here; I am certain I will glean much insight from all of you.
    God bless

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    Default Hello

    Found this site while exploring to find a baritone. I look forward to enjoying seeing what the world has to say about ukuleles. Kauai is one of the uke capitals so is been a fun recreation for the last several years and I'm ready to try a new instrument. 

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    I look forward to using this forum as I learn to play.

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    Default subtle annyted

    Name – Anna Karl
    Gender? - Female
    Height? - 6'1"
    Eye color? - Black
    Hair color and length? White
    Favorite thing about yourself? – I love my country
    Favorite band? – Volbeat
    Job? -No
    Marital status? - Married
    Favorite food? – Chicken Burger
    Favorite film? – Transporter
    Life ambition? -Web Developer
    I hope I will learn lots of things from this beautiful forum.

    Sincerely Yours
    Anna Karl

    I am also a new member of this forum.

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    Cool Hi

    I am a builder on the Big Island.
    Thanks for having me!

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    Hapa Haole here. Went to Hilo Union from grade 3 to 6 and Hilo Intermediate for grade 7. Like most children in the 70s I learned to play the ukulele.

    On Friday (Nov. 2, 2012) I was looking for a keyboard with my partner (we got a nice but simple Casio full sized setup for her) and they had Ukulele's there, too. I decided since I was pushing her to get her keyboard (it helps her work on her Choral music) that I should get an ukulele and we could both work on relearning something we both enjoyed.

    So far, my fingers are sore, but I'm happy.

    I found this site looking for information on ukulele music. I'm specifically interested in the Hawaiian songs I learned as a child to get reacquainted with playing.

    My ukulele is a Kala six string. It's a little harder on the fingers, for now, but the sound is simply amazing, and it's the one that I liked the sound and feel of the most.

    Aloha to all.

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    Get plenne local boys ova hea and if you lookin fo something in particular, just post da title and somebody will get back to you. Oh BTW, Welcome to da undagroun.

    Nana ka maka; ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
    pa`a ka waha.

    Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth.
    Thus one learns.

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    I'm beginner in uke so I look forward to using this forum as I learn for everything about uke.

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    Default Looks like a place for ukulegiality

    I've been playing stringy things for almost 60 years. The past year I've been involved with Ukulele Macomb (Illinois), which now boasts 55 members. We're starting to make a splash, with stories on local TV, free gigs, and in June 2013 our own Ukulele Festival.

    It's great! Beginners learn, intermediates collaborate, experienced players teach. Your community might support a group like this.

    Check if you have time.

    Thanks for the welcome!


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