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Thread: is this a good idea?

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    Default is this a good idea?

    Yeah I've built a cigar box uke before, so this isn't new, but a friend of my father's builds cigar box guitars on his spare time, and had some cohiba boxes lying around, just the perfect size for another uke, I had asked him, and he had simply given one to me, because they were too small.

    unfortunatley I don't have a picture, but it's made out of some subspecies of mahogany, all solid, and about 3/16" thick. I'm going to use the bottom for the soundboard to so I can open it up. The bottom is actually way too thick, however, and I kind of want to take some liberties with this one. so I've popped the bottom off, because I want to make a lightly coloured spruce top. the top, please don't scoff at this, is going to be made of some spruce
    2x4 that used to be holding up our house, and after some renovations has been replaced, my reasoning behind this being: it's free, and if it can hold a house up it ought to be good enough for this guy's uke. the piece was warped and very dirty from fourty years use, but I've managed to plane it down to a straight edge, and clean appearance, and I must say that the interplay between the darker, closed grained mahogany and the yellow spruce actually seems to look nice.

    the problem is, however, that in the process of planing it down, I have taken off so much material that there isn't enough width to fit the cigar box with just two bookmatched pieces, I'll need some extra third piece. I'm thinking of going with a nice thin strip of walnut of about 3/4"-1+1/4" to goe in between the two bookmatched spruce sides, play up the light/dark "theme" a bit, after all, the instrument is made not just for sound, but also for looks. I'm just wondering if this is a good idea. Also if anybody could give me some other possible ideas, and maybe some suggestions for execution it would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is no reason that won't work just fine.

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    Sounds like an awesome idea to me! But I sadly have no advice since I'm not an expert builder...
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