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    Tis is an italian song of 1960 (UMberto Bindi), played with a soprano kiwaya kts6 and recorded with kodak zi8 and zoom h2. Sorry for my bad english...
    Marry Christmas!!!

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    Very nice playing and singing!

    Im an fan of Kiwayas and tripods for videos...

    Merry, merry Christmas

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    Default il nostro concerto

    Thank you very much!!!
    i love my kiwayas! They are great instruments! Great intonation, great sound!
    Have you a nice day, and happy new year!!!

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    Very well done! Excellent playing - and you have a wonderful voice. It is no surprise that opera and the term "belle canto" come from Italy. God has given you the pipes for great singing.

    Benvenuto a UU! Sorry for my bad Italian.
    (Pronounced: "Cha-nee" or "Johnny")
    Check me out on YouTube...

    "But now bring me a musician." And when the musician played, the hand of the LORD came upon him... 2nd Kings 3:15

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    Thank you very much Johnny, for yours comments, here and on youtube!!! I love this song, and i am happy that you like! Happy new year!!!

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