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    Default Upgrade time!

    So, I've been playing uke for about a year now, and I want to upgrade. Badly. (I've been playing a Mahalo U30. You get whatcha get for $25.) Anyway, I want a low-g tenor, but I don't want to spend more than $180. I've been checking around MusicGuyMic's eBay store and there are a bunch that I'd like to get, so I'm open to any suggestions that you guys have.

    Many thanks!

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    Drop a line with Mike (MGM) and ask his recommendations to what you're looking for, pretty sure he'll offer some pretty good choices as well as advice.

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    Will do!
    Thanks again

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    I bought the Lanikai Nato tenor for my first tenor sized uke. It's all laminate, no solid woods here so I was sceptical. It was also only $100 and I got it from MusiciansFriend so I didn't have my hopes up too high. I was pleasantly surprised. The instrument is really well made, tuners are great, and it has a great sound. You can't go wrong for the money on this one. Then again, maybe I got lucky and just got a good one. I've heard sometimes they are hit or miss.

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    I'll check 'em out!

    When I (finally) make my decision, I'll make sure to post some music or something. My current uke isn't worthy of recording.

    ETA: I just got an email from Mike; he suggested the Kala ka-st and the Kala smht. I'm partial to the ka-st, but I'm curious if you guys have any advice or anything. Either way, I'm gettin' a new uke!!
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