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Thread: New to UU? Read this first!

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    Arrow New to UU? Read this first!

    Welcome to the Ukulele Underground. We're glad that you're excited to start learning the ukulele but before posting in the forum please read and follows these guidelines.

    1. Your question may have already been answered in a previous thread. Please try to use the search function in the top tool bar first before posting a question. There is already a scrooge McDuck size vault of knowledge here, just have to do a little searching to find it.

    2. Don't 'post whore'. We realize that you may be very excited to jump into the community but please refrain from excessive posting. What is excessive posting? If you are the last post in all of the threads on the 'New Posts' page, you may want to slow down a little.

    3. If you are already a seasoned pro and know it, you must check your ego at the door. This is a community dedicated to helping new ukulele players as well as a place for pros to "pay it forward" and pass on their knowledge. Lets not forget that we were all beginners at one point in time and how grateful we were when someone would teach us a chord or show us how to play a song.

    4. Follow the General Rules in the Uke Talk boards.

    Have fun!
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    A suggestion: Move this to the top of the Sticky List if you really want folks to read it first.
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