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Thread: Old Guitar Player New to the Uke

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    Default Old Guitar Player New to the Uke

    Hi Guys,

    I just took delivery of my first ever ukelele. I've been playing guitar for about 10 years but I've decided to branch out into some other instruments. I recently bought some harmonicas which I've been having lots of fun with and I decided next step would be the ukelele.

    I bought this one on a whim because it was so cheap. I'm sure if I stick with it I'll end up splashing some cash on something more up market but I must say I'm quite impressed with what 20 buys you.

    I do have some questions though. I was surprised that the strings that came on the instrument seem to be all the same weight/thickness. Is this usual? Coming from the guitar I had expected the lower tuned strings to be thicker/heavier. I might try getting some different strings to try out.

    The other thing that caught me out when I started playing was that the fourth string isn't a bass note. The guitar player in me always wants to hit that bottom string for bass and strum the other three. I guess I'm gonna have to lose some bad habits.

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    I feel your pain. Hit the c string for your travis stuff. Toughest thing for me is I am having to refigure where notes & chords are.
    The is a low g tuning,{ not different tuning , just G is low} I havent tried it, I heard some that made it sound real good,,, but the guys could probably make a cereal box w/ strings sound good
    Good Luck

    a idea,, last nite I made me a chart of the notes on a neck,, that may help some to de cipher it, I hope it helps me , only time will tell

    I bet you buy a more expensive one .. within a month
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    Aloha Richard, welcome to UU. Give it time, guitar players are quick learners. Practice the C-Am-F-G7 chord position and you'll be rocking in no time at all.

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    Welcome to the dark side (are you surpised they lied about the cookies?) Annnnyway, try changing out your strings for Aquilas, your uke will sound better and you'll be happier with it in the long run. Also, please note that ukuleles are like chips (betcha can't have just one!)

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    Same size strings in each position is the sure sign of a cheap uke. As Ukeffect said, slap some Aquilas on that baby, and marvel at the improvement. The octave higher fourth ('G') string, is the secret to the ukulele's sound. It's called reentrant tuning, and has been used on various string instruments for centuries.

    Welcome to ukes and to UU, and enjoy!

    John Colter.

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    There is always low-G tuning that is more comfortable for guitar players (like me). But I changed over to high-G because it sounds so fun!

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