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Thread: Uke to Home Theater Amplifier?

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    Lightbulb Uke to Home Theater Amplifier?

    I want to electrify my ukulele just for personal pleasure. I am not in a band, nor will ever play for a crowd of thousands. However I want to hook my Uke up to some home audio speakers.

    I have been reading many forums and have come to the conclusion that every option available has pros and cons.

    I do not want to drill into my koa uke for obvious reasons but don't want to have a really cruddy sound.

    I will be plugging this into a home theater amplifier to use with those speakers (remember personal pleasure) but am not sure how. Any suggestions? Price IS an object...

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    It sounds like your first task is to find a stick-on pickup or a mic. Search the archives and you'll find plenty about home-made pickups, stick-ons, and mics. As for plugging in to your stereo, here's what I do: Somebody mentioned that using distortion through a stereo will wreck the tweeters, so just beware.
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