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Thread: F.a.q.

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    Arrow F.a.q.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    First things first, if you are new to the boards and have a question, please use the search function in the top tool bar. There are a lot of answered questions around here sometimes they just need to be dug up.

    Q: What do you guys think about ______________ model/brand of ukulele?
    A: First place to look would be the Ukulele Reviews section. There are user submitted reviews for various ukuleles there. Next step is to use the search function up top and search for the model you're interested in.

    Q: What is a good starter ukulele?
    A: A beginner ukulele player is so lucky today. There are numerous high quality affordable ukulele makers. Check the Entry Level 'Ukuleles thread in the beginners section for more info.

    Q: What kind of strings should I use?
    A: The type of strings that you should use depends on the ukulele you have. Different strings will sound different on different ukuleles. The best bet would be to just try em out. Some common brands that people like to use are Worth, Aquila, D'addario, Hilo. However, changing string types too often is bad for the saddle of the ukulele. So If you put something on, try and stick to it for a while.

    Q: What size ukulele should I get?
    A: Take a look at this Uke Minutes video, and read the accompanying article.

    Q: What do different woods sound like?
    A: The builder, the bracing, the saddle and nut, etc. all factor into how an 'ukulele will sound. Not just the type of wood used. Although there are many factors that influence the tone of an 'ukulele, here are some threads that will help you to know what you might expect from different tonewoods.

    Q: How can I make a case humidifier on a budget?
    A: You can make a case humidifier using polymer moisture crystals and a small plastic bottle very little cost to you. Details can be found here!

    Q: If I try to log in from the main homepage, I get an error message saying invalid username, but if I click onto the forum and then log in, it works fine.
    A: There are two different login systems that aren't connected (confusing I know). The front page log in is for UU+ only. To log in to the forum, you can log in here.

    Hey guys, looks like this is becoming needed so please post the most common questions you're seeing and their answers and I'll update the first post. Thank you, you guys and girls are the best
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    what are the chords to_______ song. if you could post a link to ultimate guitar,911tabs,or chordie that would be dandy. then write a note that says guitar chords=uke chords=any other instrument chord. i've noticed that a lot of beginner song questions are basic songs that are just chords.

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    And don't forget the:

    What size should I get?

    you could direct em to the Third Uke Minutes video/article
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    Another common topic is "low G vs. High G". But, that might be too controversial...

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    maybe a general overview on the diffrences, but any in depth answer is going to get some backlash.

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    Default How to post pictures/videos/links thread.


    I got this idea from the thread where Poi Dog reccomended we should start a thread that can be more helpful. Well, I'd love to contribute in this, considering we have tons of newcomers wanting to present their very own beauty. Wether its their ukes, singing, guitars, etc.

    I will try to break down steps and instructions as clearly as I can. Any additions to this can be made by you guys if needed. But for now, I'll show you some basics.

    This will allow you to store your pictures straight to your computer/laptop.

    • Plug in your digital camera using your USB cord that comes w/ the camera. This will allow you to connect your device.
    • It will then ask you if you'd like to Copy files into a folder using a Camera Wizard. You should click OK
    • From there, select which pictures and/or movies you'd like to transfer, then proceed.
    • Select a folder to transfer the file(s) to, then proceed. (Make sure you remember which folder it was)
    • It will then load for a few seconds/minutes, then you are finished. Open the folder that it is in!

    This will allow you to upload your stored pictures from your computer to an online website such as photobucket. You can create free private photo albums by registering. You can then share photos and videos!

    • If you haven't already, visit and register. This is the best online image hosting website I've ever encountered. Simple, quick, and easy.
    • Now that you are a member, it will ask if you'd like to create an album and add pictures and/or videos.
    • Create a photo album. Once that is done, you can upload pictures straight to that album from your computer.
    • To upload photos, there is a button that asks to 'Choose Files'. Click and browse through your folders for your desired pictures. (You can select multiple photos by holding Shift + arrow keys). Select OK.
    • It will then automatically upload for you. While it should only take a few seconds per picture, they will be automatically stored.

    This will allow you use the links provided from your image website. You can use those links and post them on forums, websites, etc.

    • Most image sites like photobucket give you a variety of links for each image you have uploaded to your album(s).
    • In photobucket, there are;
      - Email & IM link
      - Direct link
      - HTML code
      - IMG code
    • The Direct link is the main link of the photo. Use this for people to enter in their address bar to view your picture.
    • The HTML code is an embded code so that you can insert this for your website (Myspace, Zanga, Blogs, etc).
    • The IMG code is what you'd use for forums such as here. All you do is copy the code, paste it into a post and there ya have it.

    This will allow you to upload your movie files on to a video sharing website; and there is nothing more popular and more efficient than YOUTUBE!

    • Like photobucket, if you haven't, register and sign up at
    • Once you are done, there is a yellow button to the right that says 'Upload'.
    • Step 1 of the process will be to create your title, description, info, etc of the movie file.
    • Step 2 would be to browse the movie in your computer. Like photobucket, choose a file. Not a picture, but a movie file. It has to be under 1024 mb and under 10 minutes. And also, one movie at a time.
    • It will then upload. It will take a couple of minutes depending on how long your file is
    • Once it has uploaded, you can go to 'My Videos' and view it.
    • But not yet! It will actually process first, making sure there aren't anything from breaking the rules, etc.
    • Once it has done that, you can view your clip. The direct link of the movie clip and the embded code will be to your right of the movie near the description box.
    • And there you have it! Broadcast yourself and share your videos!

    For those that have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I just want to help out those who need this. If you guys want to add anything else, feel free to do so. I'm doing this for UU so this is for all of you.

    Enjoy! Hopefully that wasn't too complicating.

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    +++ Rep! Everyone give degracia some rep points!! Dude, this is excellent! I bow down to your excellence.

    I will merge this thread with the F.A.Q.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seeso View Post
    +++ Rep! Everyone give degracia some rep points!! Dude, this is excellent! I bow down to your excellence.

    I will merge this thread with the F.A.Q.
    Thanks seeso! Hopefully they find this helpful.

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    Default Big hugs to deGracia

    Thankyou loads! I've put pictures of my new acquisition on ukulele porn - more grab a granny as she's 70-80 years old.

    Your instructions are brilliant and now I feel I can take part properly. (Just need a camcorder now ...)

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    I'm new here. Can I change my username? or do I have to reregister. As it is now, I misspelled it and didn't realize it until too late.
    Who is an administrator to contact? Rayan, I tried sending you a PM but it said your mailbox is full and cannot receive until some items are deleted.

    I wish to change my username to HOBOUke (to match my email account)

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Please and Thank You.

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