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Thread: Weight distributing issues (Eleuke)

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    Default Weight distributing issues (Eleuke)

    So, you all know that I've recently bought an Eleuke.

    It's my dream ukulele. It sounds great, plays great, it's beautiful.

    The only gripe I have about it .. The neck is too heavy! I love the design of the body; but would the little empty spot throw off the balance of the instrument when a strap is placed on it?

    I tested it with a guitar strap (used a shoe string to mount the other part to the neck). The ukulele starts sliding over to my right side, and it starts tilting forward! Whenever I stand up, I have to lean myself forward, or hold it like I don't have a strap on.

    So, does anyone else have this kind of a problem with a solid body uke? I haven't tinkered around with the strap yet (maybe putting more weight on the back end of it?) Any remedies for this yet?

    I'm not complaining, it's just a tiny issue that I came across while playing tonight.
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    Perhaps a strap button at the top of the body/base of the neck?
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