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Thread: Least expensive way to ship from USA to UK? or the best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    I am finding that most shipping companies do a great job on the long haul, most of the problems are in the last 1km where you are relying on a driver who is in the Gig Economy. The big company can do a brilliant job, only to be gazumped by a Gig Economy worker who has no real investment in the sale apart from a very low fee, who brings the parcel the last few Kms to your delivery address.
    True here as well - have had deliveries left in a wood store, and even under a neighbour's hedge. Not helped by the somewhat confusing nature of our address and location, regular drivers are usually ok, but inexperienced ones who are rushing to meet a deadline tend to struggle.

    One delivery company wanted extra for a premium service, having failed to meet two arranged slots. No pressure then, 'nice delivery you've got there, shame if anything happened to it...'
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    I have received small items from the UK; CDs, books and such; sent via postal services with no troubles.

    DHL specializes in international delivery service. I've had very good results with items sent from Nicaragua and the Philippines. Also with FedEx.

    Cocobolo uses DHL.
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