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Thread: Uke Minutes 82 - Flamenco Fingerpicking I

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    Default Uke Minutes 82 - Flamenco Fingerpicking I

    Hey UUers! This week's episode of Uke Minutes is online:

    Uke Minutes 82 - Flamenco Finger Picking I

    Pretty simple concept, but the trick is (like everything else) you need to practice it to get it down. Questions, comments, suggestions, song recommendations to use this technique on, speculation as to what flamenco technique Aldrine will teach next?? Post them all below!

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    Wow very cool! Thank you guys very much, I love flamenco! It's actually not too hard to pickup, a good 10 minutes and I got some decent speed! Could you guys give us some chord progressions to play around with this technique? I love flamenco, but I know nothing about it really.

    Have a good one,

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    Thanks for this. I am also looking very forward to the next techniques for Flamenco. I have been playing with this with a simple pattern of Dm C Bb A, and it sounds pretty good, but I am sure there are lots of other progressions that would be as good or better.

    Thanks again,


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