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Thread: Decent 'cheap' uke as birthday gift.

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    Well we ended up buying an oscar schmidt, I can't really remember what type, but it sounds awesome for a pretty low price. I did however change the strings to aquila's because I don't like the GHS strings. It is a concert size, but I think it's playable for a guitar player, I myself started on a soprano... So anyway, thanks folks!

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    lanikai lu - 21! possibly too cheap though.

    Maybe a kala so

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    I think Luna's 21" Tattoo Soprano pineapple ukulele,the design is primarily based on waves and sharks teeth which are also echoed as fret markers. I just love that and I think it is the best thing to give. I hope you will like it.

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    Default Oscar Schmidt ukulele

    Quote Originally Posted by TheWannabe90 View Post
    aloha to you all,
    one of my friends is celebrating his twentieth birthday in a few days. We have reason to believe he is quite interested in picking up a new instrument, next to the guitar. So what could possibly be better than the ukulele? Unfortunately we dont't have a lot of money to spend on it. So I hoped you could tell me what uke you would pick in the price range of 80-100$ ? Also, you think we should go for a soprano, concert or tenor?
    thanks a lot.
    Aloha TheWannabe90,
    Sorry for the late response, but i have two Oscars one solid Mohogany and a laminate Koa...Both
    concerts. The Koa one sounded pretty bad until I changed them to Aquills's but then it open up
    and now sounds pretty good. As for the Mahogany, I prefer the factory black strings as they work
    fine, It's a concert OU-2. Got them both from Musician friend.. Magogany solid ou-2, for 69.00
    plus shipping @$14.00 and the Koa laminate for $149.00, with aquilla strings@$10.00.
    I enjoy the mahogany the most and it is a daily player for me. Note, it doesn't sound good
    in the standard GCEA tuning, so I use an Adjusted dropped tuning and it sings...I hope
    this helps you out. I know your friend will get many many good years out of this instrument.
    Good Choice!! Keep Them Strings Vibrating!!!Ukuleles makes people happy.... Uke on!! MM Stan...

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