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    I wore my ukulele revolution shirt to work (school) today. Another teacher asked me I had a guitar on my shirt, so I stopped, counted the strings for her, and told her it was a ukulele. I wasn't rude, or condescending, but you'd have thought I'd slapped her. No matter -- that wasn't really my point.

    I was also packing my dolphin -- to play with my class. When it was time to break out the ukulele, all the guitar boys began to flock around me. I am not at all concerned for my dolphin, so they all had a turn. Here's the magic: the group of girls that had formed around the first boy who tried out his guitar licks moved on to the next boy, as the ukulele passed to him, and then on to the next, and so on, as each boy had a go. It was quite obvious, and gave me cause (again) to shake my head in wonder at the power of the "guacamole" (a girl misremembered its name).
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    Uke = chick magnet. Awesome.
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