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Thread: MGM is to Ukes as ??? is to Guitars?

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    Default MGM is to Ukes as ??? is to Guitars?

    Hey guys! I'm a new poster here but not a new member. I love the community here =)

    I was so impressed with the ease and speed of ordering from MGM for strings and am looking to buy more from him. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. But can anyone recommend a guitar dealer of the same caliber? Specifically I'm looking for a new Yamaha FG730S, and I want to know if anyone here has had an MGM-like experience with some guitar shop? Thanks guys!

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    There are good sales-people at shops like Sam Ash and Guitar Center (occasionally). For more personalized attention, the Mom and Pop shops are better but you will typically pay the price. I don't think there is an MGM equal among the world of guitar shops... not in the genuine sense. The closest I would say is Elderly Instruments in Michigan. They are the very best I know of. Folk of the Wood was fantastic when Mickey Cochran ran it (disclaimer: Mickey is a friend and associate of mine, but a world-class guitarist, banjo and mandolin player).
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    Default 2 great guitar shops

    I have found 2 great guitar shops, Elderly in Lansing, Mi. and Mandolin Brothers in Staten Island, NY.
    Both are first rate and I believe it helps that the owner of each of the shops works in the shops.

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    I agree, elderly is the best that I have found. They have a huge selection and great customer service. They also do a setup on all of their instruments before they ship.
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    Don't know of a guitar equivalent to MGM who (a) discounts and bundles heavily, (b) offers a large selection, (c) does a free set-up, and (d) often ships for free. The online shops will usually discount more during the holidays (extra 15-20% off their street prices) and will ship anything over $50-$100 for free but that's it. I know some high-end shops that offer b, c and d but you'll pay top dollar.

    Maybe someone should just persuade MGM to sell guitars.
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