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Thread: Telecaster/Ukulele build...

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    Default Telecaster/Ukulele build...

    I'm building a telecaster/ukulele. Here are some pictures of my progress:
    Carved the body from a hunk of pine.

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    Rounded the edges with a router. Sanded it all down. I'm waiting on the neck. Someone else is building that for me.
    Wired the electronics, I'll need to do it again. The cavity is tight!


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    I'm going to be trying a telecaster pickup and a duo-sonic pickup, each with it's own pickguard...

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    And, here is what I hope the final product looks like.

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    Very cool! I'm having a mini les paul style body (semi-hollow), danelectro-shaped headstock, blue burst finish electric made for me. I don't have the wood-working skills to make one myself, but boy howdy do i admire those that can. Can't wait to see what this looks like all finished (my husband is a telecaster and gretsch fan)
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    That sounds really nice. Post a picture when it's all done. I only have the most basic skills, so I farmed out the tough part (the neck) and picked the simplest guitar design to take on. The boat paddle with a bolt on neck.

    I'll post more photos as I complete steps.

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    Amazing! Can't wait to hear it.

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    When I saw that rough shaped body with the belt sander, I thought, uh oh, here we go. All I can say, that cleaned up real nice! Interested in seeing the finished product.

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    Very nice. The sonic blue will look good with the chrome and pickguard. What type of tuners are you using? Since you chose a tele neck pickup, you might check out the GFS dual blade humbuckers. You could add a three way switch to expand the tonal range of the instrument. I'd suggest an on/on/on switch.

    Nice bridge too.

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    I'm going to try out the duo-sonic and tele neck pickups first. If the string spacing is off and I can't get an even response with separate magnet pickups, I'll try that GFS blade type. That could be just what I need. It depends how these two pickups I have work. Thanks for the suggestion.

    As for the belt sander. Yeah, I was skeptical myself! We clamped it down to the bench and it did a great job. It's a pine body, so it's real soft and was easy to shape with a light touch.

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