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    after my first practice session with our group, I am very pleased with my new Pono Baritone uke. It rings out very well in company with 2 big and clear. So far, the only complaint lies with the operator and his fat fingertips.
    Through a guitar players eyes, the construction and finish of this little gem is top flaws that I can see and I am picky.
    To not have to learn any new chord shapes is a real plus and I will use it at our next gig.
    I am happy with my purchase and I enjoy your forum. jb

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    Aloha John,
    I'm glad to hear everything has work out well for you and you're
    happy with your purchase. now, Enjoy the sweet sounds of the ukulele.
    BTW- Keep stumming them strings....Ukuleles are for eva....MM Stan
    Almost forgot, Welcome to UU!!!

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    a little follow up on my Pono baritone...I bought it from Musicguymic on ebay. He shipped it very fast, added a free humidifier, and an additional set of Aquila strings...A GREAT DEALER!!!!!!!I changed the strings to the Aquila set and the tone and volume seemed to increase and ring a little clearer. I would recomend them over the gold set. I have played 2 gigs now, including the ukulele...nothing fancy, just the usual Hawiaan songs hack guitar players would do... but our elderly audience loved it...Hula Love(remember that!), Tiny Bubbles/Pearly Shells(bookem Danno)Little Grass Shack/Hawiaan Love point is: it's a lot of fun...makes us smile...I'm getting a tenor next and learn some new chord shapes or at least , give some new names to familier chords...great fun!

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