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Thread: Uke Minutes 90 - 10 Finger Roll

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    Default Uke Minutes 90 - 10 Finger Roll

    Hey UUers! Uke Minutes 90 is a-rollin':

    Uke Minutes 90 - 10 Finger Roll

    This technique is like a fuller, punchier 8 Finger Roll (which, in turn, is an extended 4 Finger Roll). Now that you've got all these rolls down, it's time to rock. Questions, comments, tips, thoughts on rolls & what they're good for, suggestions on how to grow 5 extra fingers on your hand so your can do the 10 finger roll all in one down stroke? Post them below!!

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    Just watched! Very cool and so simple. I have no talent and no skill but damn I sound good because of you guys!

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    this has been more of a habit than biting my nails... I do it to every pen I hold in my hand, or the side of the table.... my fingers produce a wonderful pleasure.... to the ears

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