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Thread: You ever modify a ukulele to make it electric?

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    Default You ever modify a ukulele to make it electric?

    How did you do it? I saw this and am thinking of getting another ukulele to make electric.

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    Two things to watch for installing these you are at your own risk when doing the cutoutfor the preamp....and without the cut you have to be very careful whichpart of the bout you pick so it matches the curve of the preamp I have ween the most acreful cutting of the rectangle end up in a long side split,,,,secondly this has the thinmountthru the thin side bout jack which cannot be on the endblock and I always thought this to be a bad place to put a jack
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    Not to be a jack ass, but I understood, like, maybe 70 to 75% of what you just typed.
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    I don't want to be a jackass either, but I never understood why people would want to install such a large chunk o' junk in their ukulele! There are much better, less obtrusive ways to accomplish what you want to do.
    Mike may not be the best typer in the world and I usually have to read his posts several times. But it's worth it, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to this kind of stuff.
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    I don't doubt he does, most of y'all here do.

    I've used several acoustic pick-ups for my Spanish guitar, but they were all junk, even the ones I splashed out on. The main problem was the loss of tone, on top of the crackling. I'd like some thing I can plug in, and I dig the whole built-in EQ thing.

    So, recommendations?
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    Unless you're looking forward to the project of actually installing it yourself, I would just look for a uke with pickup already in it since you're planning on getting another one anyway.

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    I thought about that, then I figured why not make a project out of it? No point in having tools if you never use the damn things, right?
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    In my opinion, you can produce a far more natural sound and variety of sounds buy simply using a good mic for acoustic instruments.
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    I'm probably gonna look like a mook right about here, but I want to do the whole plug-into-DOD Death Metal and such thing, make a one man band out of it. Ukulele grindcore, or some such nonsense.
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    If you want to play any distortion using an electric uke, you should go for solid-body electrics.


    They don't cost much - in fact some are cheaper than just buying the pickup alone.
    Search online for electric ukuleles like Stagg, Eleuke and Risa.

    You'll get feedback problems trying to use much distortion on an acoustic-electric.

    How good are your instrument-servicing and woodworking skills?
    I would not recommend self-installing unless you have some knowledge and experience in that field.
    It doesn't cost much to get a professional install it for you.

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