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Thread: KPK givaway Deadline July 31st

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    Default KPK givaway Deadline July 31st

    Up for grabs: A concert, all solid acacia Koa Pili Koko ukulele with case, humidifier and tuner. (Stuffed whale not included)

    How to win: Reply to this thread saying why you would like this ukulele. Anyone can enter, but preference will be given to those who either do not own a ukulele or the one they have is more a toy than an instrument. Please do not enter for other people. If you know someone who could use this instrument, tell them to enter (exception: if you are entering on behalf of a child under the age of 13.)

    Contest closes July 31st at midnight EST. Winner will be announced by August 5th.

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    Wow! Very generous! A nice lookin' concert uke and case. Good luck to all who enter...

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    What a wonderful contest, Valerie!

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    I have no reason that this should be given to me other than sheer, unadulterated lust for such a pretty instrument.
    I just wanted a) to bump the thread so people would see it and b) thank you for being so generous and for being a perfect example of the kind of folks I'm finding here on UU.
    I love that kindness is the rule rather than the exception to it.

    Just a thought that popped into my head. UkuleleHill and a couple of others are doing a summer thing with kids. I know Seeso and Hank are as well.
    If there isn't a suitable entrant to win, perhaps you could offer it to them as a prize for their best or most improved students, or for them to give as a reward to a student they think will stick with it and deserves a nice instrument and set up like that.

    Just a thought.
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    Make a joyful noise...

    UWC... it's how the world is s'posed to work.

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    I would like this ukulele, dear Valerie, as it is currently owned by a divine ukulele princess as yourself. To own such a beautiful instrument would be a constant reminder of how your presence has graced such an unworthy audience.

    Actually give it to someone who truly deserves it. Your generousity is outstanding.
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    First off, Valerie, its the generosity from people like you that keeps UU up and running.

    I hope by reading my reply that I don't get the impression of being an ignorant and selfish person, but I'd just like to put my entry into a story.

    My friends and I carpool together on the way from and to school, and it was just a normal ride back home. One of my friend, got into the heated topic of playing guitar, himself being a guitar player. We were in a heated debate of why anyone should play it, and my head popped in the idea of playing the ukulele. It just popped in for some reason, I don't even know why. I thought about the idea of playing an instrument , how no one at school plays it and how the sound just appealed to me.

    I went home and google-d "ukuleles" and it was like a whole universe that just popped in front of me. Millions and millions of searches came up and I was baffled. I stumbled across MGM's store, and was awed by how high the prices for some ukuleles were. I thought they were merely toys. Excited, and nonetheless intrigued, I told my parents that I wanted to buy one. They doubted my decision and told me that I had to focus on schoolwork and put my hobbies on the side until I get more time in the future. I didn't say anything but just worked hard until I could get their approval.

    On the car one day from my friends house I told my dad that I felt I had more time to do something else rather than play games or just run around. He already knew that I had a desire to learn how to play the ukulele, and just replied "okay, when we get home, let's get one." I literally shouted in my head until my mind exploded.

    He bought me the Kala soprano package from MGM. I thought it was the best thing in the world.

    It arrived on Thanksgiving weekend, (great timing Mike!), and I quickly grabbed a knife and slashed at the cardboard box like a monster. Inside, the case smelled of Hawaii, and inside the ukulele smelled of paradise. I was suprised at how light and small it was, and the plinky strings sounded so funny to me. I carefully unwrapped the towel paper from the strings and put it aside to me. (I still have it, it came from Hawaii!) The uke itself was just.....amazing. I played piano before this, and let me say that playing the piano wasn't fun, it felt forced. Anyways, fast forward, bzzbzhzhh!

    Over Thanksgiving weekend, I spent the days on the couch with the "Learn how to play ukulele today!" in my lap and began learning simple chords. Once I finished that, I found UU. I started going though the endless videos and lessons, and finally came across the forums. It felt like a great way to learn and I found the people to be awesome.

    It's been about 2 years since I got the Kala, and it's still sitting next to me. UAS has already gotten to me for a while, and my dad still thinks that all ukulele are the same, and 500 dollars is to expensive for one. I still can't get any sense into him, but I still find myself going through MGM's store and ukereplublic's looking at the concerts and tenors and solid wood and koa and acacia and maple...

    I'm starting a ukulele club next year at my school, gotten at least 5 friends to get the ukulele bite, and they already love it. Each strum brings a smile they say.

    Sorry for the long reply, but I'm done, and let me just say that playing the ukulele has so far changed my life. I love learning songs from Jake's to traditional Honey Baby. I might even go to Hawaii when I graduate, but we'll see. Thanks again, and this is why I would like that KPK.
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    Valerie, that is so generous to offer such a nice ukulele. Hopefully nobody lies and says they don't have a ukulele and snatch it..

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    Valerie, this is so generous!

    I play on a Mahalo U-30 (red, my favorite!) and I've had it for about a year now. I bought it with my own money ($25) because I wanted to be able to play songs that I listen to on my iPod and be able to sing along and stuff. I had tried teaching myself guitar, but my hands just weren't strong enough, so I picked up the uke and became infatuated with the simplicity of it. I learned how to read tabs and tune it and to sing along in the correct key... It opened me up to a world of music that I had never seen before*, along with strengthening my hands so that I can now efficiently play guitar! (* I play the clarinet and classical music is kind of what I do.) The ukulele was a gateway for me. I don't think I'll ever give my Mahalo up because it started something BIG for me and I have a lot of memories with it (including using it in a Halloween costume... Ingrid Michaelson)! It changed the way I view music! It brought me to this wonderful community of ukers!! I'm eternally grateful for this little red Mahalo uke.

    Thank you again Valerie!! Whoever wins will be one lucky uker!!

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    What a wonderful thing to do! And such a lovely ukulele! I would love to have a solid-wood ukulele, but I really don't qualify--I have LOTS of ukes and don't need another one! So it should go to someone else.

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