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Thread: Lanikai vs Kala?

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    a vendor told me what i suspected before i made a final choice on my first uke purchase: lanikai and kala ukes are made in the same factory in china.

    how right he was i don't know. but when i narrowed it down to two final models by lanikai and kala, every picture i saw showed that the two were identical save the headstock and bridge which some worker can just attach last minute before the silk-screening of the logos & inside stickers.

    quality control with both is generally good, but you will always get a crummy one from time to time.

    i went with the lanikai spruce top tenor. right out of the box, i've enjoyed it.

    i'd say play them in a store & go with the one that has the better value. by that i mean $200 with one will get you a uke, case, free set-up, and chord book. the other will get you all that for $200 and a digital clip-on tuner. i'd go with that last one!

    good luck on your quest!

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    Smile Mgm?

    Quote Originally Posted by molokinirum View Post
    If you are looking for a Makala.....see MGM. I got my Makala Concert from MGM and he put on aquila strings and set it up for $60. It looks great and plays great. A great buy in that price range.
    Howdy, I was just wondering who MGM is? I'd be interested in ordering a uke from him...

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