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Thread: One Piece Soundboard vs Bookmatch Tone?

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    Default One Piece Soundboard vs Bookmatch Tone?

    If two master quality soundboards, one bookmatched, and the other, one piece could be compared on a tenor build would bracing needs effect the resulting tone etc? Any research or build experience that I could read about this? I thought that I read that Pete Howell preferred one piece soundboards, but I don't remember any discussion of bracing change or tone difference. Can some point me in a helpful direction? I'm very new to this with ukuleles. Thanks

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    As another noob who has asked a few noisome questions himself, I'll venture forth an answer: 1) not so you'd notice a difference, and 2) there are too many other variables at play to say exactly what made the difference in sound (if there even is one). And, no, the bracing wouldn't change, at least not according to the books on the subject, though some pros may take differing approaches (depending on a number of things), but again, it might be hard to say what exactly those things would add up to. I can say from experience it's easier to work with a single piece top, but that's simply because you don't have to true the edges and then glue it up.

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    If you're asking if a bookmatched board sounds tonally different than a one piece board then I'd say "Yes", but one bookmatched board will also sound differently from another bookmatched board. Its more about how well the builder can manipulate it to get the tone that they desire.

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    He argues that 4 or 5 piece tops are "better" tonally.

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