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Thread: Other instruments that go well with uke? Also, hi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotoriousMOK View Post
    Djembe works great!
    I agree... I love the sound of basic hand drums with the uke

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    Koaloha D-VI. Daniel Ho and Herb Ohta Jr. are love.

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    I get annoyed at times at all the ukers that think they can play a drum of some kind (often a cajon) in their jam sessions and often onstage performances. . Never seen so many consistently poor percussionists in my life. There has to be some out there that can play in proper sync with the tempo of the song being played. Maybe Santa can bring them a metronome.
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    Bass, harmonica, and guitar, even fiddle.
    Small shakers, too.

    Phil, I agree. I tossed an electric bass player outta my jam session years ago. He thought he was good, but he really stunk and was very loud.
    He cursed me on the way out.
    I said "Good Riddance".
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    When I play with my group in Perth, Western Australia, I play in the ‘rhythm’ section of the group which comprises a bass player, a drummer or two (electronic and sometimes cajon or Tom toms) and me on amplified Uke through a pedal board with various EFX pedals. I’ve also had the pleasure to play with a group that comprises a bass fiddle, a Sax or clarinet, a Uke, and an accordion or electronic piano.
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    The U-bass player and Cajon player in my group are very good and help a lot with tempo. We are glad to have them, especially for public performances. We had a uke player/harmonica player that joined us this winter. He and his wife came from back east for the ski season. The harmonica sounded great with our ukuleles.

    We donít have drummer or bass player at church, and our tempo suffers for that.
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    Tuba or Sousaphone.

    A la Leon Redbone.
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