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Thread: HELP! Your thoughts on Lanikai LKP-C Koa Concert Pack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm stan View Post
    I bought a Leolani tenor 4stringer mahogany laaminate that sounds pretty good about 2 1/2 ago came with a hard foam nylon zip case tuner Nylgut strings and
    and extra set for...get this..$89.00 ...can't go wrong with this, the case tuner and strings would be close to that....MM Stan...
    LOL, we got the same uke package! I do have to admit that it sounds pretty good. When you deduct the extra strings, case, etc. I think the uke itself was only about $60. I like the Leolani string spacing too. Its not like most of the Chinese made ukes where the strings are closer together at the bridge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robynlihau View Post
    And so I took my Uke into the local Guitar Center (Berkeley) and the Guitar/Uke specialist looked it over, and played it (he made it RING!). He said it was a really nice ukulele - well made, good sound, good action. Better than anything he had in stock. He'd never seen this Lani Kai model, though GC sells it online. It made me feel better.

    I played some less expensive and more expensive than mine, and came away satisfied that I like mine best. Later, at home, I was practicing and I found the "Sweet Spot" to make it ring. Nice.

    So now I can relax, and let go of my beginners anxiety, and my un-needed "anticipitory buyer's remorse" because I hadn't yet compared it to anything else. That's the draw back of buying online.

    Both me and the guy at Guitar Center would recommend this little uke and the Lani Kai concert pack.
    Mahalo, Robin! I have been researching for the last several days, and found your thread that answered all of the questions I had about this uke pack! I am finally excited to place my order...

    Blessings to you ~

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