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Thread: Chord with Octave Harmonics Help

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    Default Chord with Octave Harmonics Help

    So I just got the John King Classical Ukulele book and I've learned most of the piece Jesu, joy of Man's Desire. The only problem is that the chords with the octave harmonics are killing me. I really dont see how I can play the harmonics and strum the chord at the same time.

    If anyone has had any success in this area, It would be great if you could help.


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    If you use your right index finger to touch the node (12th fret above the note desired) and then use your middle finger to strum, you can get the chord to sound. You might find your thumb easier, but I find the natural tension from my middle finger gets a better tone. It's tricky, and I wouldn't say my results are always great, but I think it's the only way.

    If you're used to playing artificial harmonics, it's not TOO different.

    The real trick is to get the harmonic to sound with enough volume, and I've found different ukuleles and different strings produce VERY different volume harmonics. You might muck around with different strings.
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    I don't strum the chord there, I pluck three strings with thumb-middle-ring while touching the node with my index.
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    Wow. I'm impressed that harmonics are attempted on the uke. I'm still such a n00b, but I find this new (to me) fact very cool!

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