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    Default Hello from bassfiddlesteve

    Hello fellow bass players. I joined this forum after meeting Seeso, Dustin (tsud123) and Philip (chronosXD) at the Bushman Ukulele Luau in May. They are a a great bunch of guys and very talented.

    I was pleased to find a section for bass players here since that is my main gigging instrument. As a professional bass player I've played just about every style of music you can imagine, but I stick to jazz for the most part these days. My bass gear includes a 1949 Kay upright bass, a vintage Fender Jazz Bass that I've had since 1988, a American Series Fender Precision Bass, a Godin A-4 fretless semi-acoustic, a Luna Paz 5 string and Gallien-Krueger amplification.

    My original uke project is called "The Barnkickers", which is just me and my daughter Amanda who sings and plays ukulele, guitar and clarinet. We switch instruments quite a bit, but there is plenty of uke and upright bass content in all of our songs and videos so far (one song mention ukuleles in the lyrics and two of the songs have brief upright bass solos). You can watch them on our website here

    I look forward to chatting with all of the ukulele playing bassists (and bass playing ukulele-ists) out there.

    - Steve
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    Glad to have you aboard, Steve!

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    For me the bass was the first 4-string instrument... I started with a Framus upright electric bass in the early 1980s, this thing was terrible. But I still regret I gave it away...
    Today my fav bass is the little Ashbory!

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