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Thread: FYI - Uke Strings

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    The Fluorocarbons I've listened to sound cheap and toy like in comp to the Aquilas.

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    Which brand of fluoros are you referring to? I believe a great number will disagree with you based on their own experiences with them. Some prefer one brand over another while some will favor nylon or in your case, gut. I also believe the build and wood combo will play a factor in sound.

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    I just got a set of SouthCoast HML-FW (Flat Wound Strings) for my Griffin ukulele. Amazing Clarity and Sound. I've been a SC Linear Fan using the Round Wound Series but Dirk sent me a set and I am pretty amazed. I think these will now replace the Round Wounds going forward.

    I've seen lots of post about polished and squeak free strings and never imagined I would use them for my Low G setup but I have to agree with everyone now, they are nice on the fingers.

    Put these strings on your list to try - I think they will amaze you.
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    Default Bb Tuning

    I really like the sound of my tenor uke in Bb tuning. Unfortunately the strings I have on it right now lose their intonation when tuned down to Bb flat from C (in Bb tuning, the reduction in tension on the open strings currently fitted means that every fretted note goes badly sharp).

    Are there any tenor string sets in the list that can cope with Bb tuning, that anyone knows of? TIA.
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    Great info here. Thanks!
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    The "String Types (Ukulele World)" link doesn't work anymore. I did a quick search on that site, but couldn't find what the new link should be.

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