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Thread: Kala revamps kala reds and comes out with kala pearls

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    Default Kala revamps kala reds and comes out with kala pearls

    The new kala reds will no longer be wound nylon but all pure monofiliment and the new pearl line in whitish will be a new improved all nylon microwound string all four gcea strings. so fine is the wound nylon not rough like the reds were i am sound testing samples at this moment here at NAMM
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    I just got a set of the reds in concert from Butler Music p-hill off ebay. They are monofilament and I haven't put them on anything yet. They may be fluorocarbon ... I don't know. Says they are made in Argentina. What bugged me about this purchase was even though the strings were like 6 bucks delivered, the mailman left a note in my mailbox requiring me to go to the post office to pick them up because the seller shorted the postage by 44 cents. Well the seller gave me a tiny rebate but it musta cost me at least a gallon of gas and an hours time going to the post office to pick up the strings. Expecting the Mele Braddah in the mail in a week and maybe I can put them on it... or I can put some Martin's on it... not sure how these reds compare to Martins (which I use mostly).

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