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Thread: The Duke of Ukes Ukulele Giveaway!

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    Talking The Duke of Ukes Ukulele Giveaway!

    Now that The Duke of Ukes is in full swing we would like to celebrate by offering a Gold Tone GU-100 Ukulele, complete with Hard Case, to one lucky Uker!

    All you need to do to enter is Become A Fan of our Facebook page & compose a Ukulele inspired Limerick on the wall! How easy is that?

    The winning entry will be the funniest, most clever poem & the number of Likes each receives will be taken into account, though will not necessarily be the determining factor. We will only be running this contest for 2 weeks, so get your entry in by January 31st! The winner will be announced February 1st, unless there is a massive number of last minute entries in which case we will need some extra time to fairly look at each of them.

    The GU-100 is a fantastic little ukulele from Gold Tone that is based around the traditional Martin design. It comes complete with a fitted hard case & will give you years of dedicated service. It has a matte finish & excellent intonation.

    So head over to our Facebook page & Become A Fan! Make sure to check back before the end of the month & Like your favorite rhyme!

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    Alas...I enjoy composing limericks but refuse to join Facebook for a number of complex but boring reasons that I won't get into here. I have been keeping an eye on your site, as you seem to be that rarest of commodities: a Canadian ukulele distributor. The very concept brings tears of joy to my eyes.

    Good luck, Facebooker Limerickers.

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    Kem, I am not one to keep a good limericker down. Feel free to post yours here & with your permission I will post it to the page for you!

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    Liked and entered!
    philxbx's youtube videos

    Mahalo U30. Cheap and nasty but does the job.
    1930's Keech Banjolele. Sweet and lots of fun!
    Lanikai LU-21 Pinapple.
    Lanikai LU-21 Tenor.

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    Just a reminder, I see people Liking the page, but I don't see any Ukulele Limericks going up on the wall! Make sure to read through the first post carefully for the contest requirements!

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    grr dont do facebook

    a uke playing cowboy called murray
    played his sop-rano all over surrey
    he would strum it all day
    till the sun went away
    and his nights he would spend eating curry
    I have a lot of ukuleles, some big, some small and all different colours, 1 hand made,
    for my original songs go to krabbers for my covers go to krabberscovers
    other places myspace twitter instagram
    I also host the weekly Acoustic open mic and jam variety night UNPLUGTHEWOOD

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    can we make more than one entry?

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    I was thinking about my limerick, but I liked the page anyway, the limerick will come as soon as the muse hits me.

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    Great stuff guys =D I'm in
    Sticks of choice:
    Kanile'a K1 Concert - KoAloha DVI - Mainland Concert Mahogany - Ohana CK-75CG - Makala Dolphin

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    Got mine in...that was fun! Great contest 'n good luck to all.

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