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Thread: 1981 Guild D-35 dreadnought acoustic guitar

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    Default 1981 Guild D-35 dreadnought acoustic guitar

    Thought I'd give you guys a shot at this first! I'm selling a 1981 Guild D-35 guitar. It was purchased brand new by my mother 30 years ago, and is gloriously beat up! Made in Westerly, Rhode Island, USA.

    It's dinged, dented, scratched, and broken-in: perfect if you want a reliable player! The headstock and one side have both been cracked and then repaired professionally. The bridge also has a few small cracks running through it, but it's been like that for years without any issues. The bridge cracks wouldn't be a difficult or expensive repair if you do decide to have it fixed.

    (new picture just to prove it's mine)

    (the rest of the pictures are older)

    Case included!

    Side crack that's been repaired.

    Headstock from the front...
    And the back. It looks frightening, I know. But it's held up for twenty years.
    What to expect in terms of battle scars.
    You can see the cracks running through the bridge.
    Yeah, it's beat.

    I'm asking $450 including shipping to the continental US. Price is negotiable! Keep in mind that Guild is making a lot of its guitars in China now, and a comparable new model would be $650-700. Want a new US-made one? Expect to pay $2000! D:

    More pictures and info upon request!

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    Bump .

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    I have slightly different Guild that's a few years older (78) and anyone who's ever played it has freaked out about its sound & playability. That said, I've played a few from this era and many were just ok. It seems that Guild had some ringers go out the door and if you can get your hands on one you're a lucky picker.

    Haole, would you say this is one those?
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