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    Default Clip on Pickups/Mic


    I've finally found a nice ukulele in a hard case. I did origionaly want to purchase an electric Uku. That's where my question follows...
    What will be the best way to mic an accustic ukulele!?
    A Clip on pick up mic or just a free standing mic.
    Or should I purchase an electric uku...?
    Bare in mind 100 to 40 difference.

    Heeeelp and thanks


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    I can't see any way that a clip-on mic wouldn't be in the way, so I think free standing is the way to go. An SM-57 will work fine if you're playing it on stage, and if you just want to record, I'd strongly consider the EV 635A. That second one is an omni, so less suitable for stage.

    A microphone in front of an acoustic will have a different sound than a pickup on an electric. The choice between them depends on what sound you're looking for.

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    Misi pick ups are the 'Cat's Meow' if you are mechanically inclined, do the install yourself. Otherwise, pay a professional.
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    I use a clipon pickup for gigging. Hasn't been a problem after the first gig, or so. Not really in the way. It's just a cheap one I picked up for $25.00 @ a local shop. Our mandolin player was using the same, and it was fine, so I grabbed one. I also have a National with a Fishman pickup, but they both sound fine. The band actually prefers the sound of my Hula tenor! It is kinda cool with the clipon, being able to pick which uke to take that gig. I do use a small tube pre-amp to warm things up, and boost the level a bit. I'm playing in a rock band, so things get pretty loud sometimes!100_2916.jpg
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    I tried a clip on pick up and wasnt taken by the sound (was also very noisy).

    Your options are either install a piezo pickup (on the soundboard, or under the bridge) or mic it with an instrument mic.

    Nothing wrong with the mic option at all - in fact, its what a lot of pros still do. Get a good quality directional mic so you are only picking up the uke, not other sounds and your voice
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    Red face Please help...

    The discussion is so timely for me. I and my colleagues will be having our group singing number for the celebration of International Nurses Day this coming May. I will be playing my uke and a friend will do the guitar. I am having problem with the use of clip on mic. My friend playing the guitar doesn't have any issue with the use of clip on mic for the guitar is large enough to make sound easily detected by the clip on (please correct me if I may have sounded wrong for this).

    What I did was putting the mic itself on my shirt near my uke, but our stage tech told me the uke wasn't audible.

    Please give me advice about the use of the clip on mic. Should I put the mic on the uke soundhole??? Please help... Thanks a lot! :-)

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