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    Okay, so I just got my uke yesterday. I have been messing around with it, and I've noticed that whenever I play a chord that has a finger on the first fret (Like F or A), It sounds dull, and no sound is really coming from the uke. For a "temporary fix", I've been using another finger to push down on the finger that is on the fret. I'm new to this and have no clue what could be the problem, if it even is a problem. Thanks! (:
    Hi. I'm Sarah. I'm a noob when it comes to all things ukulele, atm. I have a Lanikai LU-11.

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    Hi Sarah,
    Welcome aboard, the ukulele is great and the UU is a great place to find help & friends.
    There are many things that may be causing your first fret woes, don't fret they can be corrected.
    In no particular order:
    1. Technique - make sure you pressing with the finger tip, if you have long nails they get in the way.
    Be sure you are pressing in the space behind the fret wire, not on the wire.
    2. The ukulele - It may need a setup. If the nut (where the strings come from the tuners to the fret board) is too high playing the first few frets will be difficult and/or impossible.
    Try changing strings, sometimes the bulk strings that come on ukuleles are less than desirable.
    3. Practice - It can take some time to develop finger strength and technique. After you play a while you will find your fingers toughen up.

    Good Luck, keep strumming and having fun.
    Keep Strummin'

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    Okay, thanks for your help! (:
    Hi. I'm Sarah. I'm a noob when it comes to all things ukulele, atm. I have a Lanikai LU-11.

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    Aloha Sarah,
    Welcome to the UU and our forums....and the ukulele, have fun and enjoy....SailingUke covered everything very well...Happy Strummings...MM Stan

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