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Thread: Unchained Melody Ukulele Remix

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    Default Unchained Melody Ukulele Remix

    I just posted a video of our version of Unchained Melody from the Righteous Brothers. This is the first song I ever created with GarageBand and I didn't read any tutorials or instructions before beginning. (I hope that doesn't show)

    A friend of mine contributed the vocals and I played the uke and synth parts. We are the complete opposite of professionals and just put this together as a fun project.

    The video isn't anything to look at... just a carrier for the soundtrack. I may re-release this overlayed on a video of me strumming along in order to make the video worth looking at (though my wife may disagree on that).

    Here's the link:

    I also have the track available without vocals if anyone wants it:

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    Nice Job...I enjoyed have a nice voice..thanks for sharing and happy strummings...MM Stan

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    super job. Eldarrion has quite a voice. If you remix it I'd love to see some shots of the kala
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