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Thread: Mainland Longneck Concert Pineapple

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    Default Mainland Longneck Concert Pineapple

    Hi Everybody,
    I'm in the market for a new Uke and would like to try a pineapple body style but would also like something that could be strung low G. I came across the Mainland Longneck Concert Pineapple and was wondering if anyone has tried one. The site says it has a tenor size neck. So does this mean that it could be strung low G? What size strings would fit it, concert or tenor? Any help would be great.

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    If it has a tenor neck, it would take tenor strings. Pretty much any uke can be strung low G - I have even strung my soprano that way for a time. I've played that Mainland long neck pineapple and its sweet.

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    Got it - bought it from Uke Republic. Mine is High G presently, but it could certainly be strung Low g as Larry stated. Great tone & plenty of volume from the concert body. Was just playing it.
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    Great "String Guide" on Southcoast uke site. While you can tune low g on any uke, they explain why it sounds better on longer scale ukes, up to and including the baritone!
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