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Thread: shirt design

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    Great design! , my only criticism is the "underground" looks cramped, maybe you could make the banner spread across the entire bottom.

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    I know Gary Yoshida.

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    Great designs...unfortunately the thread itself is coming close to 5 years old...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbycrts View Post
    Great designs...unfortunately the thread itself is coming close to 5 years old...
    Omg wow I did not notice that! Do you know if thy made it into a shirt? lol.
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    I love the avatar and the hand drawn. I would rock both of 'em!

    Count me in if it goes live!!!

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    Making an iron on transfer would probably be the best way to go. Having a silk screen made could be very, very expensive especially for a small run. Also, learning how to silk screen and buying or building the equipment is an entirely different matter and requires time and money. Most t-shirt shops these days use digital printing but, they still do silk screen since digital printing has it's limits. Using markers could work if one has the artistic talent to make it work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill1 View Post
    If you want a T shirt, it is not all that hard to buy a plain shirt and put the art work on your self. You can do it many ways, you can buy printing paper that turns into an iron on transfer, you could use laundry marking pen in various colours, or you could find out how to make a silk screen and there are other ways. None of them are rocket science. In some cases it is cheaper to buy a business shirt than a T shirt, draw the logo on the pocket and put a big logo on the back.
    Or you could follow this link, which is to the shop attached to this site, and buy one.
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    I Would like to Observe A-T with All an UU Emblem printed onto a Brownish Tshirt.
    Any probability of visiting with one at the future?
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    Very nice work all around! I'm not one for wearing T-shirts, though. I used to have dozens of specialty shirts, but no more.
    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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