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Thread: A tooth question.

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    It's worth getting clear about what you want for the future, and what you can possibly have in the future.
    My hope is to sing as much as I can for the rest of my life. I would feel more confident doing so if the teeth in my head were mine and would not at risk of falling out etc. So I've taken the path necessary that has maximum chance of keeping maximum teeth in my head. It is biiiiiiiiig-time costly, but it's for me a priority. I've a friend who for much less money had all her teeth out and got false teeth. She has no interest in singing either.
    Hoosier mentioned he has a fab dentist in Thailand. A lot of people tell me stories of going to Thailand, Malaysia, China etc to have the expensive work done for half the price - and it seems it is fairly safe to do so.
    Anyhow, I really recommend you get The Best Advice as to your current situation, and then you can way up the various scenarios in line with what is your view of/dream for o your future. Best of luck

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    Get another opinion.

    Do everything you can to keep your teeth, especially at 19.

    Also, try and care for the problem tooth while you wait. See if you can't irrigate the tooth gently with a water pic; you may make things better. Also, if you can see your medical doctor you may be able to sweet talk your self some Pen-V. Mouth and gum issues respond well to Penicillin. Note that this is not medical advice, you can only get that from your doctor. This is personal experience!
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    Sorry to hear about your tooth pain. But if it helps any, I had a root canal about 19 years ago, and no problems since then on that tooth. The procedure was really pretty painless, just a bit awkward. When I was around 18 my wisdom teeth were trying to come in, and they said there wasn't room for them. So, they all got pulled, and I have never missed them. Those other back molars are really important for confident chewing, so try to keep them if you can.
    Mouth pain is pretty horrible, so get some antibiotics ASAP, and the pain will go away. Make sure you have access to your dentist after the root canal in case you need antibiotics. My guy left town for the weekend, and I had to wait till Monday to get relief.


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    thank the lord for drugs! If that pain stayed I would honestly probably kill myself ahahha. I don't know how people deal with such tooth aches.... What I meant by that was if there weren't any chemists out there, and thanks to the periodic table!, I wouldn't know what too do, on the bright side though I live with 2 doctors. Getting any medication or advice is easily done.

    I'm going to get root canal, what I meant by the braces was to shift the back molar and my wisdom tooth forward in place for the other tooth, not leave the gap there, that'd be awkward... Root canal seems the go though, it's worrying though, because I've tried everything since 14 to make sure I NEVER have dental problems. Apparently I have another hole in my tooth, another molar! (fkn molars, fml), on the bottom, at the back, need to get it checked, I brush and floss everyday (then again when this tooth broke the nerve was exposed! and I left it for a week or so because my parents cared a lot (LOLZ)

    anyway, I have the new dentist appointment on Friday at 12 , I will not leave unless I know what's going on, if not, I'll run out and not pay.... Because it's ridiculous.

    Thanks for all the advice, I feel confident about getting the root canal now, I keep saying "ffs, another $1k, I'm meant to be going overseas in a few months!", but it will be completely worth it, because I think healthy and clean teeth show that you want to take good care of yourself, even though sometimes genetics doesn't go with you.

    So a check up on friday then probably the root canal the following week, so I'll have 2 payments before then, so it won't be too bad.

    thanks guys.

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    so... the result was.

    $2900 for root canal + $6400 for braces. 18 months. potentially can fail and get tooth pulled anyway, $150.
    or, $150 to get tooth pulled and $6400 for braces. 36months. shift wisdom tooth into position of molar that will be shifted.

    even though he said "it can be done" I stopped him there and said, then do it. (in a better way of course).
    abscess' are really dangerous :S dental appointment every 6 months is in order!

    take care of your teeth guys!!!! it's the worst kick in the teeth financially!

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