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Thread: Aloha from Uncle Dennis

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    Default Aloha from Uncle Dennis

    Aloha to all! Wanted to share my first two ukulele builds with you. and I look forward to learning from the Senior members herein. Mahalo and Aloha, Uncle Dennis

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    Aloha Ahnko Kenika,
    Welcome to the UU and our forums ..have fun and enjoy...Happy strummings...Mahalo for sharing your is so cool...we have a luthiers section here and you can contribute and learn..
    I hui ho....MM Stan..

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    Aloha Kakou, Uncle Dennis! Welcome to UU . . . Have you checked out the Ukulele Builders/Luthier's Lounge Forum? We have several local builders who are members and I'm sure you'll recognize their names. You do have some unique designs. Some sound bytes/samples would also be helpful.

    Nana ka maka; ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
    pa`a ka waha.

    Observe with the eyes; listen with the ears; shut the mouth.
    Thus one learns.

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