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Thread: Eddie Vedder "Longing To Belong" Uke Cover

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    Wink Eddie Vedder "Longing To Belong" Uke Cover

    A beautiful song that I can't seem to stop playing, so have posted a cover. Just a quick one-take wonder no multi-tracking todayl

    Suggested to me by John Irving, check out his version too:

    The chords are from Ukulele Hunt:


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    Aloha Anna,
    Just love Ukulele Hunt's arrangement of simplicity of chords that work pretty well...Thank you for sharing, now I know why you and everyone likes this song is really growing on me
    Hope you been well....haven't seen you on for a while, Take Care and Happy Strummings....Mahalo for sharing!!! MM Stan
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    Nice one!

    Well, it looks like I won't be getting any work done this afternoon now...

    I have to go and learn this.
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