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Thread: Strumming/Signature ?

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    Default Strumming/Signature ?

    I am only 5 months in w/ the uke and this really is my first instrument that I have taking serious about trying to learn but I feel w/ URBC and some other learning aids I am progressing fast. My main problem is when I get the chords to some songs I would like to learn I have trouble figuring out the signature and good stroke pattern. Yet some like Bob Marley songs come fairly easy and I can make them sound half decent. Is this why I always see post to learn songs you know well because others like You shook me all night long I still haven't got a good pattern yet and I grew up listening to that song. Any advise besides trial and error on picking this up? Thanks in advance.
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    Lots of great videos on UU and YouTube on strumming and practice.
    Some newbies need a metronome to train their brains...some uke tuners have one built in. Keep practicing. I have done a little conga drumming, so I just improvise with drum beats some of the time. As long as I have a suitable rythym for the genre, I'm ok. I don't have to play it "exactly" like ?????..... go to YouTube, search Manitoba Hal, and see how he bluezifies some stuff, especially 16 tones, Bluezified for the Ukulele.
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    Thats a hard song, It's not a normal stumming pattern. there are several examples on youtube. here's one: Good luck.
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