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Thread: Kanile'a GL6 - my highly strung Angel

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    What a beautiful instrument!

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    Hi everyone, Many thanks for your kind comments. I do realise how lucky I am to be able to own a GL6. I absolutely love it but do understand also that it is a relatively luxury item. A top quality proper acoustic/classical guitar could be had for around the same price. As soon as I saw it though I knew it had to be mine - love at first sight?

    To getee and johndwapa - yes I agree about strings 2 and 6 being a bit 'wound up', didn't realise at the time that it was happening but then I did worry a bit once I saw how high string 2 was. I'll have a look at putting them right, and yes John the Yamaha is all washed up in palookaville right now. I thought about doing a comparison video but there is no comparison! Poor thing, it still has potential though, I can span 7 or 8 frets easily on that but not on the Kanilea - but ultimately I would rather give it away if I thought someone would really benefit from playing it.

    to Ronnie Aloha - yes it is a 'super tenor' body so wider at the butt (like a lot of people I know). It is also just a little deeper, around 1cm, than the Tenor body so over the whole surface area I guess that adds up to a fair chunk of extra volume - and volume - if you know what I mean.

    to tozan - the tuning is ADGCEA which I consider correct. Others may tune down to G or even E but it wouldn't feel right to me and I'm guessing a whole lot of resonance and volume would disappear. So the transposition of any tune is simply just to play it exactly the same as E tuning as the relationship between strings is the same. If you really had to play the tune in its stated tuning it would be easier to tune down to E than try to transpose notes so they are correct. On a related matter, I have 5 self made books of transcribed classical tunes (from notation to Tab) that over the years must have taken hundreds of hours to produce. These are my goldmine and I slowly add to them. I taught myself to transcribe it all and many of the tunes I have never heard anyone else play so I have no idea if I'm even close to what the composer intended!

    and Mouthy1 - congratulations mate, you're going to love your new Kanilea. Such instruments don't just sound better, they inspire the player to be better and help them progress to new levels. I wish you every success, my journey with the GL6 has just begun and we're already over the rainbow :-)

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    Ken of York, you sound like a heckuva guy. You deserve you new beauty and I am looking forward to earning mine. Can't wait!!!!!

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    Someone asked if you can play "slack key" on the Guitarlele. What do you think? I guess you will have to make up equivalent slack key tunings to the normal guitar ones huh?

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    beautiful looking and sounding instrument, congratz man!

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    Damn you... now I have to add a GL6 to the list.

    Congrats on the uke and more importantly, nice playing. It's obvious how much you enjoy the instrument. BTW, I've enjoyed your other vids of the Kanilea as well. Well done. Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice axe.

    Quick question: is this a normal sized Tenor bag, or do you need something special/larger, like a Baritone bag or a custom one?

    Thanks in advance!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken of York View Post
    It arrived early and I left it to acclimatize while I went to work. Imagine my restraint! So later in the evening I found this inside -

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    That is truly wonderful. I have been considering trying Guitarlele, but will be going down the Yamaha route at first - until I can be sure I can cope with The extra strings!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken of York View Post

    More pics below VVVVV
    Do you play classical guitar? Looks like you have already some good experience with it.
    All for sale; pm me:

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