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Thread: Case for a tenor banjolele exist?

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    Post Case for a tenor banjolele exist?

    Case for a tenor banjolele exist?

    I found no case for a banjolele tenor. I ordered one with Wim Van Der Leden, but found no case to fits it. The banjolele is a model open-back tuners with gerared, and not yet arrived.
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    I'm pretty sure that Bean Sprout used to have hard cases for all sizes of banjolele. You might want to check with him. His site:

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    Probably Gold Tone would have one since they sell Banjo Ukes (and banjos) in all sizes.

    I would give them a call or email and see what they can do for you.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I had same problem trying to fing a case for my tenor wim van der leden, I found out the gator deluxe concert gig bag fits perfect and snug and is almost just as sturdy as a hard case, I've ordered mine from amazon for cheapness but I first checked it out in local music shop to see how it fits.

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    Case arrived today very pleased with it, only slight niggle is the fact it has only one shoulder strap and it looks like 2 would be better. It's a semi hard case so not as flimsy as some gig bags, there is a small space around the uke but it's acceptable and there is loads of padding image.jpg

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    Default My Case

    I spent several hours looking on the Internet for a case for my banjolele and found the answer in my closet. I had an old practice small-sized violin with a hard case. I recently bought a new case at a yard sale for the old violin but kept the little hard shell case. I have an old open-back banjolele with a 7" head and didn't want to spend more for a case than what the instrument cost. While looking at other options I decided to measure my banjolele against my old violin case and discovered that the Banjolele fits perfectly inside the violin case. there is no movement and when I close the cover it does not crush the instrument. The neck support fits perfectly.

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    Your lucky, I agree I got a good deal on the uke at just under £100 on eBay, but the case was just over £40 and I've ordered a leather uke leash banjo style as most banjo straps are too thick for my liking and as I'm in uk with postage that is expensive too (though worth it) so strap and case almost as much as banjolele ��

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