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Thread: Any good way to join together strums and fingerpicking breaks?

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    Default Any good way to join together strums and fingerpicking breaks?

    I do both, but throwing them together in the same song, just with one uke is a problem for me!

    Any recommendations welcome.
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    I'll be watching for answers on this one

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    I found with Someone like you from Adele that a 1 beat pause is a good transition
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    This is one of those things I just experimented with until it started to work. I too will be interested in the responses, to see how I should be learning this stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain America View Post
    I do both, but throwing them together in the same song, just with one uke is a problem for me!

    Any recommendations welcome.
    Not really sure what you mean - chord melody? (Where you are playing the melody while strumming at the same time) or alternating between strumming and playing with your fingers?

    Could you please give me a couple of examples of what you are trying to do?


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    Some clarification wouldn't go amiss, but my best and worse guess would lead to the same answer: slow down (a lot) and drill the problem section a hundred times. Then increase the tempo slightly and do it again. Use a metronome and you'll be killing a whole flock of birds. There is no substitute, tip, or lesson that can replace practicing slowly and cleanly. Trust me - I've looked. Another benefit of using a metronome is that you can quantify your progress.

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    I used to have a lot of trouble with this. I could strum and sing or I could pick and roll - never in the same song. Now I switch back and forth without even thinking about it - maybe almost too easily - I often slip into rolls for no real reason. LOL

    I'd like to be able to tell you the magic key but if there was one I missed it. I spent about a year just really concentrating on right hand technique; getting extremely comfortable with a number of different rolls, triple strokes, fan strokes, and what have you. Didn't learn a single new song the entire time, didn't work much on fancy chords, etc. And now my right hand just kind of dances around down there without my thinking about it much. I'll find myself doing a chunk on beat one followed by a roll to finish out the measure and then a triplet going into the next. Kind of goofy, really.

    Now I need to settle down and start applying it to actual songs. LOL

    If there is a secret buried in all that practice that I somehow overlooked as it happened it probably was in learning the individual bits - say a three-finger roll for example - so thoroughly that it no longer takes any concentration to play it. I started really, really slow and I spent hours just doing really boring stuff at slow speeds and literally counting out beats in my head as I went through a pattern. I think that paid off in that I can now drop into a roll even in the middle of a measure and have a feel for exactly what pattern I need to pick to reach the end of that measure.

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    I totally agree with what Brad and John posted about going slow and a lot of repetition. Also, as Brad said, learning to practice with a metronome is gold! GOLD!!
    I remember struggling with a similar issue in school when I was studying trombone. My teacher recommended a book for me to read called, "The Inner Game of Music." It has proven to be really helpful even to this day. It is a modified version of the popular book, "The Inner Game of Tennis."
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