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Thread: tabs for ADF#B ?

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    Thanks for the heads up on the DVD - just ordered it! Been thinking about picking something like that up - even better that it's a fellow UUer - looks amazingly exhaustive....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
    Thanks for the heads up on the DVD - just ordered it! Been thinking about picking something like that up - even better that it's a fellow UUer - looks amazingly exhaustive....
    If exhaustive is what you seek- you will be well pleased. It will take me the rest of my days to learn all of this music

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCK View Post
    Not sure if vintage is your thing, but a fellow UU'er puts out a CD of scans of LOTS of original songsheets from the heyday. His website is here:
    We are not talking 12 tunes on a cd...this is 1821 files-exhaustive, and a huge majority of it is written for ADF#B. Not necessarily tabbed per say (not like conventional guitar tablature) but the chord diagrams are there- just a small jump to write the tabs in from there with a fretboard diagram.
    Easily the best $12 or whatever it will cost you.

    Whoops- looks like there is a new site
    Either one will get you there.
    Ian's dvd's arrived earlier this week and I am stunned by what he has collected. Absolutely amazing. This thread popped up in a google search while looking for an easy/smart/lazy way to transpose from D to C, heh. Any capo suggestions? I'll grab one and see if I can figure out what to do with it.

    There are many, many, many, many songs on the dvd tuned for gcea as well, by the way. If you like the period this collection will blow you away. /rave off

    Edited to add: As southcoastukes mentioned, some of the songs have the original lead-ins. I had been looking for the intro to 'Button Up Your Overcoat' forever - and there it was! Cool.
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    If it's JUST tab, you can actually just play it. It will just sound a tone higher. It's only a problem if it's tab AND chords, and both are being played, in which case the chords will be one tone too low (which is most always just one letter). So, if it says C, you play D. If it says D, you play E. It's only tricky with flats and sharps. So, if it says B, you need to play C#, which takes a tiny bit of theory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TayMonster:) View Post
    waitwaitwaaiiitt -
    sooo i can just use C tuning tabs, and go two frets down on my D tuned ukulele?
    soorry im new at this hahah 0:]
    You can use the same chord shapes that you use on a C tuned Uke as you do on a D tuned uke. The names of the chord change but the shapes still produce the same chord type. So the cord shape 0003 is a C on a GCEA tuned uke and D on ADF#B uke

    a 0212 is G7 on a C and a A7 on a D
    a 2210 is Dm on a C and a Em on a D

    Just write out the 12 notes and the name of the chord for a D tuned uke ADF#B is two Higher

    12 notes
    A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#

    GCEA = ADF#B
    A B
    A# C
    B C#
    C D
    C# D#
    D E
    D# F
    E F#
    F G
    F# G#
    G A
    G# A#

    In case you don't know what 0002 or 0212 means, it's one way you represent a chord shape.

    If you played a D chord on a GCEA Uke the first three strings (GCEA) would be fretted on the second fret and the last string (A) would be played open. You can write that 2220

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    Quote Originally Posted by TayMonster:) View Post
    hiiiiiii :]
    sooo i learned to play tuned to ADF#B
    but the only tabs i can find online are for GCEA
    i could retune but i wouldnt know the chords, and i feel like i would get confused if i tried to start to learn them
    sooo idk what to do?
    do you guys know where i can find tabs for my tuning? websites or something? or one that will transpose the tabs?

    thaaanks :]
    You say tabs, but the rest of your post suggest what you are really after is chords. Please make clear which you mean. There is a difference and is is pretty important.

    Following that I would suggest you learn the chords. It is not difficult. If you know the relationship between chords in D-tuning and chords in C-tuning, you can fairly easily transfer from one to the other. The same applies to tab. If you learn the relationship between the two, you can transfer from one to the other.

    This site gives chords in all the main ukulele tunings, GCEA. ADF#B and DGBE for baritone. Just click on the chord finder link. Then click on the chord you want and you can show the chord shape in any of the main tunings.
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