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    Just wondering if any UU members may also be Sci-Fi geeks like me and going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend. If so, I'm thinking it would be a good opportunity for a jam session... how often can you Uke-out with Stormtroopers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeG View Post
    how often can you Uke-out with Stormtroopers?
    Suprisingly often.

    Q-Con is a convention of a similar nature we have over here, this year a guy brought his guitar and everyone was sitting around listening to him. I was for a few minutes, but then the Brawl tournament made me go away-way. So yeah, you should bring your uke just as a thing to do when you're not playing anything. I think I will next year.

    (my band, not something dirty)

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    Fanime Con did somethings like that

    i wonder if i can get a ukulele thing started on over there...
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