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Thread: I think I made a Uke convert

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    Hey all...

    I was at Sam Ash music today auditioning some tenor ukes today (and I think I settled on the Lanikai S-T, though am still thinking about it), and a lady came in with her two boys. I was strumming a few songs, singing them in my head, and the lady came up to ask me if what I was playing was a uke. Well, to make a long story short, after talking to her and showing her how to play a couple of chords, she thanked me and said that she is going to think long and hard about purchasing a uke and tuner. She was buying her older boy a guitar, so she couldn't get both, but I heard her tell the salesman that she wanted to come back and try out a couple of ukes real soon. Anyhow, she seemed like she left the store with a bigger smile than when she came in, and it sounds like she is definitely buying one soon. I just hope she doesn't take the one I have picked out in case I go back for it in a couple of days (it was the only one in stock).


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    I love it! You can say that you turned some people on.

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    Your strumming must've sounded nice to intrigue her. While all of us love the ukulele as an instrument, many people still think of the ukulele as a toy. I love it every time I hear one more person is thinking of the uke as an instrument rather than a novelty. I'm sure it felt great for you to reveal the "secret" to that woman. Nice work, Dan!
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    I think uke is the only instrument that makes people smile before you even play it!

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