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Thread: Ekho - Spitefull - New album out!

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    Default Ekho - Spitefull - New album out!

    Hey guys,
    We are Ekho, we have just released our debut album named 'Spitefull'.

    Album song list:
    Frail Lie
    Waters of Abyss
    Wrath Behind You
    Silent Mourning
    Among Them
    The Spite

    Here's a link to download the whole album!

    You can check out the whole album first on the band's fb, myspace etc...
    As well, we just filmed a music video thats coming out soon so you can stay updated about it on our facebook page.

    Here's a video of the band just to get an idea of the band:

    All of you guys are invited to join our facebook page to stay posted


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    Hmmm, seems to be a significant dirth of anything uke related on their channel - wonder how they found us?

    (If it smells like spam...)

    I'm not entirely convinced that it is possible to polish a turd. However, if one were to accomplish that feat one would still have a turd, and one all the more noticeable for being shiny.

    Check out my ukulele-themed "stuff" at - proceeds go to a good cause...UAS treatment!

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