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Thread: Anyone ever played LBA - Little Big Adventure?

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    Default Anyone ever played LBA - Little Big Adventure?

    Just wondering if anyone ever played Little Big Adventure?
    It's definately the best games I've ever played. The fanbase of the game is still surprisingly active, and they keep to come up with new ideas for a 3rd game, which seems quite unlikely to ever happen unfortunatelly.
    I thought I'd just give the game a shout out here at UU and check if anyone ever tried it?
    It does have another name in some contries, can't really remember it accuratelly, but something about Twinson.
    Great game! I would recommend it to anyone! It's old, it's classic, it's perfect.
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    Yes, played this years ago. Really original game, wonderful lighthearted feel. I even bought multiple copies and gave them away for Xmas presents!

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    I love the old click adventures and even though I have played MMo's I've never had the feeling of storytelling and satisfaction that I get from one!

    This has been on the list for a long time!

    May treat myself as I think the Adventure game genre is on a bit of a downer atm...

    Thanks for the reminder and recomendation,


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    I loved the original LBA but never played the second one. A third one will appear one day I'm sure.
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    Hello there,

    I just want to let you know that Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 are now available on! Those two famous games of the 90s are 100% compatible with modern PCs and come with tons of bonuses.

    We are also working on a mobile version for the end of the year

    Check this out :

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