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    Default Country western

    Been unable to find any good old fashioned CW music for the Uke. Is there a site where I may find some?
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    Under the "tabs" section at Cowboy Lyrics, there are tons of C&W songs with lyrics and chord progressions - calling it "tabs" is kinda misleading because I haven't seen much, if any, actual tablature there.

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    Why not just look up C&W song chords for guitar or just, like, on Chordie or Ultimate Guitar?
    They don't need to necessarily be done for the uke... and you may find some really interesting sounds and grooves that you may not have thought of by just looking for uke stuff other folks have done before, y'know?

    One of the things I do when a new song to do pops into my head is go to YouTube and see if someone else has done a ukulele cover. If they haven't, it gives me a little more incentive to dig in and do my own thing with it.

    Not that I have "my own thing" yet... but it's a good exercise in figuring out how to get there.
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    If you're into fingerpicking, Ken Middleton's site has some very nice bluegrass tabs for free download. Most of them have youtube videos as well.

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    For Country/ Country & Western songs, I can recommend a couple of books:

    Jumpin' Jim's Ukulele Country (ISBN 978-1-4234-0122-3, $14.95 USD) A Hal Leonard Corporation imprint, 6-3/4 x 10.5".
    Try Amazon or Flea Market Music's site. Probably available cheaper some places. - There are 36 songs, and as with all of Jim Beloff's books, chord charts, anecdotes, and the first note sung is shown on each song.

    The Easy Country Fake Book, Hal Leonard (ISBN 978-1-4234-3567-9, $19.95 USD) Not strictly Ukulele, but all in the key of C, has the melody line in musical notation, and the chord names - no chord diagrams. 176 songs. (Duplicates many from the Beloff book).

    And finally one that has the full piano notation, along with guitar chord diagrams, also from an imprint of Hal Leonard Corporation:
    Riders in the Sky present Classic Cowboy Songs. Shawnee Press. 12 Songs, (ISBN 978-1-4234-8655-8 $14.99 USD)

    The last two are standard 9" x 12", and all three books are softcover.

    I bought them from Music Village, on Union Ave in San Jose, CA.

    Good Luck!

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    I was thinking the same thing, Flycracker. So I wrote my own!

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    I have a few oldtime songbooks in my DVD collection, if you're looking for classic C&W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ichadwick View Post
    I have a few oldtime songbooks in my DVD collection, if you're looking for classic C&W.
    +1 on Ian's DVD collection..... more music than you can shake a stick at for $12..... got it awhile back and it's great. You can order it from the link in his signature....

    If you're just looking to strum, like the others said sites like Cowboy Lyrics are the way to go..... chords are usually pretty accurate. is usually pretty reliable as well.....

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    A lot of Buck Owens songs work well on the ukulele. His songs typically have simple chord structure, usually fun lyrics, and they are familiar enough to play without thinking too hard.

    Here's one:
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I use . Select the artist, then click on the song for both lyrics AND chords.

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