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Thread: To people who have placed orders in the UU store in the last 2 weeks...

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    Default To people who have placed orders in the UU store in the last 2 weeks...

    Sincerely apologize to those people who have placed orders in the last 2 week. Just found out our guy who was supposed to be taking care of it wasn't in fact taking care of it. We're in the process of transitioning back to taking care of it ourselves and will be getting out all past orders ASAP. I personally sincerely apologize for the delay and we'll try to throw in something special with the orders that are way past due. We will make this right.
    Rayan, What you are doing?

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    Thanks Ryan, I ordered a hoodie on July 23 and its not here yet...but I live in Northern B.C. so maybe that's the reason. Thanks for the concern though. Isn't it tough getting good help.

    I know I'll never know it all.

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    I THINK I ordered one of everything. :-)

    just kidding.

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